Viajes a San Pedro de Atacama y Uyuni Bolivia

What is the Salar-Uyani roads condition?

These roads are in bad shape, neverthless our agency has the right kind of 4W trucks to do this trip.

What’s the average temperature?

In winter (May, June, July and August) there are chances of snow with temperatures overnight reaching the -25° C or -13°F. The following months temperatures are higher, reaching 5° C or 41° F at night from December to March.

What´s your vehicle fleet condition?

Vehicles are kept in good conditions with periodic maintenance: they aren´t new.

Could current political and social issues in Bolivia affect our trip?

It may be possible to see demostrations or strikes along the way, nevertheless they don´t pose any threat to the trip schedule.


  • Bring a sleeping bag for low temperatures.
  • Bring warm clothes, dark glasses, and sun block.
  • It is higly advised to have an insurance for the lenght of your trip from your country for better coverage